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- Hwang Si-Nae
82 - 51 - 8057988

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We, Rubberteck International Inc., are Representative of Korean and Japanese and Australian Maf., 
having seven (7) other companies engaged in multifarious activities and have been specialized in 
Industrial Rubber Products for 12 years and ranked as a leading trading company of Rubber Products & 
PVC Hose & Precision Spare Parts for Heavy Equipment to supply qualified products and services to 
Overseas Customers all over the world. And now we are enjoying good and strong business Relationship 
with our customers by our strongly experienced and dedicated professionals.
Our Industrial & Automotive rubber Product Division has many years of practical experience in the industries
we service and has a wide range of industrial rubber products using that experience. Rubberteck International
Inc., has a sound financial structure and a Sales Staff dedicated to adding value to our customers.
Not content with our Number One Position in the domestic market, we are confidently moving out into the world market.





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Nitrile Sheet

Neoprene Sheet

Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose - 4Ply

Food Suction Hose

Wire Reinforced Yellow Air Hose

RT-CN Fender

RT-OV Fender

Pneumatic Fender